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    1. 走进矿电

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        After hardships and storms more than twenty years, along with Chinese economic development, mining electric appliances company has made remarkable progress. But yesterday’s glory has been history, tomorrow’s achievement depends on our today`s efforts.

        Quality stems from excellence. Confidence stems from strength. Future stems from oversteps. As a young and vibrant enterprise, facing the global economy integration acelerating and  intellectual economy ages coming, our minig electric staff that carry forward the glory and dream of revitalizing our nation`s coal mine electromechanical manufacturing, will further emancipate our mind, make our concept innovative, make our image elevated, and make progress and endeavor for advancing to promote a new leap of economic and social development. What`s more, we always constantly open up new areas of the supply chain management and electronic commerce, for the broad partners to provide comprehensive and diversified base and value-added services, for the clients in the knowledge economy ages to win advantage in the global competition.

        History has proved that we are never afraid of the pressure and challenge, never stop making progress. We believe that with the support of the broad partners, with the efforts of every company staff, the goal that the mining electric appliances become a industry benchmarking will be not far away. Let`s look forward to the future together.